Schloss Dyck is an Adventure Area for Children


The well-kept, unique playgrounds pick up typical elements of Schloss Dyck, so that children also learn something about the castle and grounds here. In addition, a visit to the castle and a stroll through the diverse park area is a worthwhile experience for children.

In the park they can enjoy the exceptional combination of culture and nature, or be fascinated by animals, plants and water. A family trip will be enriched by lasting memories of wonderful hours spent together: the rare experience of quiet and birdsong, the feeling of touching rough tree bark with their hands or having their legs tickled by grass.

The castle with its Baroque features offers a unique experience – not only for girls dreaming of being a princess. All children like playing at the sentry boxes in front of the bridges, discovering loads of fishes in the waters around the castle, and also love the ducks and swans.

Wasserspielplatz mit Sonnensegel, Strandkörben und Liegen

The Water Playground at the Dried up Pond

Water fountains feed a self-built water course which flows through a canyon into the hollow formed by the former Breitweiher pond. Barrages and other structures can be constructed out of sand along its path. The water playground with its sandy areas is suited for toddlers as well as school children who feel like splashing about to their heart’s content. Shade sails, deck chairs and lawns are an invitation to have a picnic. 

The Maze Playground in the Gardening Practice Area

A maze playground - conceived as a counterpart to the maze-like structure of Dycker Feld, can be found in the gardening practice area right next to the culinary pavilion. Here, little children can experience adventurous playing. They will, however, need some sense of direction to get to the tree house, or find their friends again.

The Climbing Garden in the Park

Unfortunately, climbing the precious trees in the park is not possible, but there is a climbing garden for children of about 6 years or older in the transition area to the historical park. It is located in the woody area of a former pond.