Bamboo Garden

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The Bamboo Garden

Schloss Dyck and its parks avoid stagnancy and look towards continuous further development. In the historic area the plant collection and the park maintenance are continued. The new gardens on the Dycker Field and the theme gardens in the entrance area will change in the course of the years and pick up new trends – in the spirit of Prince Joseph, who at the beginning of the 19th century was an acknowledged botanic who built one of the most comprehensive plant collections in Europe.

A striking and successful example for further development is the Bamboo Garden, built in 2005, which you get to on your way to the castle. Its existence is due to the contributions of a group of sponsors. From the main entrance you will see its tallest blades bending in the breeze and thus waving to curious visitors inviting them to come closer. This show garden with 30 species is situated on 800 square metres. There are small varieties as well as the Gigantochloa, which reaches heights up to 30 metres. You can take your time to get to know the different varieties, sit down on a bench and look at the leaf colourings ranging from green to yellow and white. A winding path leads through the bamboo garden, past accompanying shrubs to the exit next to a small bamboo grove.

Bamboo is today’s trend plant and by the way is neither shrub nor tree but a kind of grass. Bamboo with its evergreen leaves has become a familiar element of the contemporary garden either as a decorative element between shrubs, stones and water surfaces, instead of grass or as a border for plant beds, as a shield against prying eyes or a hedge. Its popularity may be due to the fact that many varieties are hardy and that Bamboo needs comparatively little care. You should pay attention to its shoots early enough and insert a rhizome barrier 70 cm into the earth when planting it if you want to avoid it spreading.


The route through the bamboo garden

Bamboo in front of the castle

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