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Stiftung Schloss Dyck, 41363 Jüchen, Fon (0 21 82) 824-0, Fax (0 21 82) 824-110

Practical experience for your own garden

Schloss Dyck offers you pleasure and inspiration as well as practical help and many suggestions for your own garden dreams. Directly behind the modern entrance pavilions with a variety of sales rooms and the cash office, renowned landscape gardeners have designed a variety of topical areas which are similar to a private garden in terms of size and possibilities. Between hedges and fruit trees the visitor practically experiences what effect, for example, a particular choice of plants, a water installation or an unusual sculpture can have. A family’s needs change and with them the garden – the design proposals are based on this idea and also allow for different budgets from “low priced” to “luxurious”. The lively pool of ideas helps all garden fans who are thinking about a new or additional design for their private gardens. Furthermore, during the yearly garden days taking place in the spring, experts answer all questions to do with garden practice.

Hüschs Garten remembers the Lower-Rhine artist Hanns-Dieter Hüsch, which was designed by the cabaret artist himself a few years before his death. An English-style shrub garden, built in 2005, can be admired in the area towards the historic palace garden and is sponsored by the friends of the National Trust in Germany who have thus realised their first project in Schloss Dyck. Most people know their star signs, but only few know which tree can be allocated to the time of birth. The Celtic tree horoscope, which is situated in the front part of the park, gives the answer. Here you will also find the historic garden types of the past hundred years. The youngest visitors love the labyrinth- playground with its tree house, older children test their courage in the rope and climbing garden. It is situated on the dry former ditch between the model gardens and the rambling park.


Contact details of landscape gardeners participating you will find at Partners page.

Running water in the garden of tranquility and inspiration

Palmtreegarden in the garden practice

Blue glas used in the design of the garden

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